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What Teachers are Saying

     "Unite Camps Staff are incredible to work with. Our students have so much fun while also learning important core values that stick with them and help them in both life and school. They always plan engaging activities that foster teamwork and cooperation, and for many students, even though camp is only a couple days, it is a highlight of their year. Many students even beg to come back a couple of years later as a counselor. Unite Camps are doing it right!"


Lauren Marker

Boulder Creek



     Thinking back to five years ago and the beginning of our relationship with Unite camps, I remember being very hesitant to begin this camp adventure with my students. As a teacher, already trying to run a complete program, adding one more thing to the table seemed too much to handle. Although, I knew that the "camp" experience was one that many of my students and leaders may have never had or would ever have. Here we are five years later, and I can honestly say that Unite Summer camp for our students is the best thing we do. With our team of advisers, and our vision we were able to bring our ideas to Scott and his team and together create a mission that infused the whole camp experience. Our students would spend their mornings in our intense training sessions that then lead to an unforgettable camp experience hosted by Unite that solidified the tools and lessons we were impressing on our students. Five years later and each year we are improving and further creating a great camp experience with Unite that we could not do without the help of Scott, Jeff and the entire Unite team. 


Wreth Simon

Parsons Junior High


     It has been my honor and privilege to work with the AMAZING people from Unite Camps for the past 5 years through WEB camp. Their staff is ALWAYS SUPER energetic and kind, and they TRULY have a heart for kids! The students who we have taken to WEB camp over the past 5 years always go on and on about the great memories and experiences they have from camp. Scott, Jeff, and their crew make everyone feel important and welcome at all times. I would HIGHLY recommend Unite to anyone who wants to experience team-building, engaging activities, life-changing lessons, and just plain FUN!!


Matt Manly

Parson Junior High

     When I first heard that we were all heading up to camp for WEB Training, I was a bit hesitant.  I had a ton of questions about the logistics and I couldn't see how the kids would stay busy when they weren't in the WEB Training.  After the first year, I totally had to eat my words. WEB/Unite Camp is great!!  The kids are excited to go and have a great time.  Unite Camp is so easy to work with, they have everything planned out, the days run so smoothly.  The kids love the activities and want to bring the activities back to school.  We just had our fifth year of camp and each year it gets better and better. 


Stacy Richter


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