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The best learning happens when students connect knowledge with experience.  Being in the outdoors engages the five senses and leads to greater understanding and retention.  Seeing trees, rocks, and streams, hearing the wind in the branches, and water over the rocks creates a memory.  Even the smells and textures of the outdoors enhance the learning experience.  

Unite Camps provides a unique opportunity for students to combine learning with outdoor adventure. Our interactive programs are designed to create an environment where students can explore and discover the outdoors while developing their leadership skills and creating lasting friendships. Getting away from everyday pressures and distractions helps students think, and shared experiences at camp bring campers together. Campers will be challenged to use science and nature for exploration and discovery, while they are also challenged to be leaders. Our camps provide a fun atmosphere of campfires, songs, and memorable experiences.



Unite Camp's all about trees session offers a unique opportunity for educational exploration. Led by CNUC Arborists, this session allows campers to identify and study trees in their natural environment, helping to foster an appreciation and understanding of the natural world. With our guided hikes and other activities you'll learn about the local species, their environment, and the importance of tree conservation.


Healthy Streams

The Healthy Streams Study is  designed to teach students about macroinvertebrate biodiversity, ecosystems, and the environment. Through hands-on learning in the outdoor classroom, students gain a deeper understanding of local stream ecology and the impact of human activity. This engaging learning experience will leave a lasting impression on students and help them become better stewards of the environment.   This session was developed in cooperation with the Dept. of Fish and Game. 


Our Team Building Course offers activities and challenges that allow students to explore conflict resolution, problem-solving, and critical thinking in a fun and engaging way. Students will work in groups to complete challenges that require collaboration and creative problem-solving. These team-building activities are designed to promote communication, empathy, and engagement while developing the skills necessary for a successful team.




Starry Night is an exciting astronomy field study that allows campers to explore the night sky on a clear night away from the lights of the city. Our program provides an in-depth look at the night sky, helping campers learn to identify the North Star (Polaris) and the five constellations surrounding it. With Starry Night, campers can experience the breathtaking beauty of the night sky and gain a greater appreciation of the universe.



Embark on an educational journey of Mt. Lassen's geological past with our Spattercone Trail Hike. Our expert guides will take you back in time to the origin of the Hat Creek Lava Flow, where you will observe the power of erupting in fountains and gushing from vents that built small spatter cones along a two-mile fissure. During the hike, campers will learn about the rock cycle in action as this once barren landscape gives way to the forces of weathering, erosion and deposition.



Unite character talks strive to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate life’s challenges. Through engaging activities and interactive discussions, students learn how to apply core values such as personal responsibility, perseverance, integrity, teamwork and encouragement into their daily lives. Together, these values unite to form a strong foundation for a successful future.

U - It all starts with You. Personal responsibility, how you choose to treat and react to others. 

N - Never Give up. Perseverance, completing your task.

I - Integrity, who you are when no one is looking.  

T - Team Work   we can accomplish more together.

E - Encourage others.  Lifting people up with your words.

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