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Q What if my camper has unique dietary requirements?

A The facility that provides food service does not cook to order.  We recommend those with food allergies or special dietary requirements bring supplemental food.  There is a refrigerator designated for this use in the dining hall.  Campers will have access to instant hot water and a microwave.  Click the link for a sample menu.   Keep in mind the menu may vary due to supply issues.  

Q Who are the counselors that will be with my camper?

A Each school district has their own policy and requirements for counselors.  Check with your school to see if they are requiring adult  or student counselors.  Adults must pass a background check and be selected by the school whose students they will be counseling.  Student counselors are junior or senior leadership students from Shasta County schools.  They must obtain recommendations from both a teacher and administration.   Unite provides a counselor handbook and training for all counselors.  

Q Can I visit during camp?

A Due to the short session length we are not encouraging camp visits. 

Q Will my student be able to call home?

A There is a phone available to use in case of emergency.  

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