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The Environmental Camp experience is an educational program where students attend school 24-hours a day in a beautiful outdoor setting. Environmental Camp is an extension of the classroom, offering a hands-on, engaging approach to learning. Best of all, it supplies an enjoyable learning experience in which students show genuine enthusiasm for their studies.

The Outdoor Camp program has taken precautions to ensure your child’s comfort, health, and safety during his/her time at the Outdoor Camp site. Students will be transported to Outdoor Camp in a regular school district bus with a fully qualified driver. A  school provided health clerk will manage health concerns and oversee medications and treatments necessary to students on site. Qualified medical professionals are on call should any question arise outside the scope of the health clerk.  Students are housed in winterized, heated cabins, and adequate rain shelters and dry rooms are available for wet-weather days. 


Unite Camp will be leasing/renting camp facilities and the sites may vary.  Each class will receive detailed information about the site before the trip.  


Unite serves each school and will work with the administration and teachers to determine what volunteers are needed to participate in a camp session. Parents or guardians may come as cabin leaders/chaperones if space allows.  They are required to go through the school's background check process and fill out UNITE forms before acceptance as a cabin leader/chaperone.  


Your student's health and safety during their time at the Environmental Camp is our first priority.  All students must submit a health form and medication information form in order to attend the session.  All medications must be in their original containers and be labeled in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code.  Students will receive a departure day health screening prior to boarding the bus.  Students who become sick during the session may need to be picked up and taken home.  The camp nurse will communicate any health-related issues with parents and or guardians.


Environmental Camp sessions will be 2-night, 3-day experiences.  Sessions will either be Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday.  A sample schedule is available and details may vary.  Unite partners with each school to customize the sessions to meet the needs of educators and students. 

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